Pleasing to the eyes, ambiguous for the mind.
Frail looking lines and carefully chosen colours.

I have been surrounded by wood shops and artist galleries when growing up, which has influenced my paintings and mixed media artworks. Montreal is a very open-minded city and growing up in this scenery has allowed me to be a part of this generation who wants to experiment and push the limits. I use my art practice as a communication tool, as well as a conversation starter. I work in a spontaneous way and will regularly go through a long thinking process. I often begin with my pieces by a quick sketch inspired from a photo, situation or idea I want to get through, and then embrace the spur of the moment with my paint. Pulling all-nighters is my way to put my mind in one clear space and often is the most meditative way to approach an artwork for myself.        


I can’t bare a routine;

     so I often need to escape by discovering new places. The beauty of nature inspires me just as much as new encounters.

New conversations. New perspectives.

           New realities.

                                                  CULTURE EXCHANGE are the things I strive for.

          C H A N G E & travel is
      a way to keep my mind aware of new ideas, pop culture, shapes, colours, perceptions or emotions surrounding me or across the globe.                                                                                                                                                                                                  
My creation process is constantly evolving through these new experiences.                 

Once completed my work is no longer mine, rather, it’s left open for interpretation.                                                                           
     It is characterized by stunning colour blends, often bright and out there. You may find women as a recurrent inspiration, as I find it empowering for women to paint women.                                                

                                                I celebrate UNCONVENTIONAL

Pop-surrealism, shaky lines, patterns, two-dimensional, illustrative, eye-catching are some of the words I could use to caracterize my visual work.                                                                                                                                                                               
Cassy Rich


© 2018 Cassy Rich